Life has been an even more interesting experience of late…

…Nick’s been experience so much tension & energy lately that it’s resulted in tension headaches

This energy. This heaviness. This fatigue. This cerebral activity

It’s been exhausting

It’s a cycle that Nick observes plays out in his life whenever there is an evolution or levelling up occurring

Heightened awareness around old patterns, behaviors and beliefs with an aghast expression of how it was allowed to run for as long as it did


Why is Nick in tension…

…because he’s setting new intentions (in-tention = in-tension)

One’s that continue to burn his old world to the ground and build a new one in its place. One’s that push him to his current edge

In this instance, he’s set a new goal. The first in YEARS that has made him stop and think “Oh fuck! That’s a stretch)

And as such, the mind is grasping for how to make it work

(*hint: the mind is a TERRIBLE PLACE for thinking)

It’s working overtime. And alas, zero conclusions or answers as of yet

Then, on a coaching call this morning the solution hit me


…pick one person and reach out to them


Old Nick waited for the perfect answer. Old Nick would overthink almost everything… Old Nick would over analyze and created pride around being able to find the answer quick

New Nick is committed to doing less — and that in itself is proving a beautiful challenge to overcome (*and the cause of the tension)

Old Nick would have wished for things to be different and labelled this as a negative

New Nick knows the power that lies inside of it and the truth for it showing up in his experience. New Nick welcomes the tension, he surrenders to it and goes deeper into it

After all, we’ve got to deal with the world the way that it is (*reality, truth), not the world the way we wish it was (*beliefs, opinions, thoughts, assumptions and more)

Nick Maier

I write copy, create content + systems for some of the biggest brands, businesses and influencers inside the H&F + Personal Development Space. It’s fucking rad