We’re all searching for “it”…

…for some it’s retirement. For some it’s the BMW. For some it’s a one way ticket and a years worth of adventures in another part of the world

For others it’s happiness or freedom from the things that cause them fear, anxiety and worry

Most people place these aspirations on a pedestal and take an “if, then” approach…

… if this happens, then I’ll finally take the jump

The main lens we see this through is the one of full creativity, relaxation and peace

I’ll get it done and make it a priority once

I have security

Money in the bank. Time on my hands. Peace in my heart

We look at others who have “made it” and tell the excuse and lie that they’ve got it easy now…

…they can afford to relax, live the easy life and be carefree because they have the money

And it’s all a lie

The truth is we need nothing in order to live a fully expressive creative mode whereby we’re continually choosing exactly what it is we want in the present moment

Money doesn’t make this available. Freedom doesn’t make this attainable. All they do is provide us with a pseudo-safety blanket and gather the evidence to support our new belief

The security is unwarranted. It’s a fear mentality. We put off what we want out of fear (*and what we’ve been taught and learned)

The truth is we have everything we want right now. We simply don’t allow ourselves to see it

The solution is jumping in and testing our “security” assumption and seeing it’s a bullshit lie — an illusion And the person deluding us is ourselves

Nick Maier

I write copy, create content + systems for some of the biggest brands, businesses and influencers inside the H&F + Personal Development Space. It’s fucking rad