Nico Maier

Nick see’s all of the beautiful, powerful Queens in his life inside himself…

He see’s his mother in all her glory…

…he see’s his aunties, his past lovers, his friends, his grandparents and all the beautiful women that have been around him in his experiences so far

All of the powerful feminine energy around him — he see’s and feels in himself

It’s unsurprising to him, as he’s always felt more connected with the women around him than the men (*the reality when you’re the only make child in all of your combined families)

They say our mothers (*feminine) teach us how to interact with ourselves whilst our fathers (*masculine) teach us how to interact with the world

Hint: vulnerability is a masculine trait

The reality for Nick inside his experience right now — is that what he see’s is tension, judgement and criticism of self

He see’s his mother judging herself on her beauty when she was younger…
He see’s his aunties expressing their own criticism of their appearances…
He see’s his past and current loves judge themselves on their appearances for not “looking like this” and “being too fat”

None of what they’ve expressed and express is true (*it’s all a bullshit lie)

And yet — it can stop here with Nick

Fuck. It will stop here with Nick

This sense of “generational trauma” is going to be cut

Once and for all. Gone forever…

…no more


Because Nick chooses unconditional love — for his self, for those in his life, for his meat suit of a body and every living and non-living thing he comes into contact with

THIS is what he chooses to see and live by — not the negative aspects of things

What if we taught others how to be kinder and more loving to themselves by BEING THE LIGHT FOR THEM and showing them what to do

What if instead of simply offering words of advice and shoulders to lean on we also held them to a higher standard by showing them what’s possible

What if you chose kindness — to yourself first and foremost, and then to others

What would your life, and the life of those around you, be like then?

Nick Maier

I write copy, create content + systems for some of the biggest brands, businesses and influencers inside the H&F + Personal Development Space. It’s fucking rad