Have you ever fully stopped, sat down and looked up at a cloudless full moon sky at night?

Taken in all it’s beauty…

…and be fully consumed by it

Monday night, under the Super Full Moon — Nick did

There was zero light pollution. Everything was crystal clear. It was breathtaking AND interesting

Why interesting?

There were these whispering beams of light that shone across the sky like spotlights…

…they stretched on for what seemingly appeared to be an eternity

They crossed one another to form this offset kind of checkerboard pattern

And then, when you’d least expect it these singular beams of light broke off into smaller rays — like fingers extending at the end of a hand

And their cross-cross nature intensified and filled the entire sky

The sole thought revolving through Nick’s mind and heart?

these look like superhighways in the sky for souls to travel along

Yep. It was that kind of magical night

Could you imagine if that were true?

It’s only when we slow down and get out of our own lives we begin to see the magic and true nature around us (*and inside ourselves)

Nick Maier