There’s this deep sensation of “feminine” energy right now…

…relax, sleep, recover, enjoy, BE

Lay by the pool. Swim in the beauty of nature. Watch the birds dance. Listen to their music

And intertwined with it perfectly is this deep, rising and powerful intensity of masculine energy

It’s dormant, yet it’s brewing

In the simplest sense, one thing we’re all striving for as humans can be summed up as “high performance” — the context of the individual simply changes

We’re all striving and searching for “it” in our own lives and the way we get “it” is to perform at our best at whatever “a, b, c and z” are for us (*and lead us to “it”)

And we’re being sold fucking snake-oil on all levels. We’re being told that “this” will support our performance and “this” will remove the obstacles and make the other easier

The majority of it is some form of externality that produces either a placebo effect or short-term change in our state

Listen to this. Drink this. Eat this. Read this

And it’s hurting us…

The truth?

It’s more complex (*and simple) than that

We’re complex beings. We live in a complex world. And yet, we’re all one…

…there is no difference between my internal world and the external world — it’s all one, my epidermis simply acts as a barrier to my seeing and feeling that truth

When it comes to “high performance” — sure these external things work — but they’re suboptimal

When we look at things via the lens of ecosystem we begin to see that it’s a complex process of environment, self and gene signaling

What if we were to create a systems that supports all environments to induce high performance…

…on a visual, auditory, olfactory, physical, physiologically and psychological level?

Think about it — mix the binaural beats, coffee, nootropic, apparel, movement practice, thoughts/language so they’re all mixing to form the ultimate experience on all levels

And all point toward a point of “high performance” (*flow) inside that single moment

The perfect “cocktail”

BUT, then what if we also prefixed it by doing the internal work first and foremost to allow for these externalities to have an even more powerful act on the internal world

After all — if we bring our internal trauma and shit to the present moment — all of the external and internal tools we use will be suboptimal and “high performance” will only be reached in a small part as we’ll fall back to our natural level at some point in the future

With the removal of the trauma and the creation of a beautiful, powerful internal state we allow both:

A. the tools to take us to a HIGHER level than ever before
B. our natural state to be one of beauty, abundance, love, gratitude and thanks that see’s “high performance” be a natural state for us

If you’re striving for “high performance” in some aspect, I challenge you to stop looking for the external supplements and tools right now and ask what internal part of yourself can be removed, evolved or upgraded to allow for a higher natural state of performance first…

After all — it’s all an inside job

Nick Maier