As Nick sits here, being carried home by his Magic Spaceship less than 1m above the ground…

…his mind races

A little over 4 months ago he thought his “life was over”

That he was headed for rock bottom after closing The Academy and that life were about to get dark

Nothing to do…
No idea how to get it together…
Lost in the cataclysm of his own imagination…

And yet — on this ride his attention is directed toward how fucking beautiful abundant and loving his life is

MORESO than 4 months ago (*go figure)

See, he’s come to understand the true definition and representation of “meaning” for himself

Nick craves it…

…and he used to search for it in trivial and meaningless tasks that made him feel good due to progress

Weight going up in the gym. Time going down on a run or the scale. Number of clients signed that week

It was fucking empty

All was self-focused under the disguise of “doing this to support others”. What a lie that was!

And herein he finds himself pursuing the peak of his own expression for the benefit of other people

It’s the paradox of selfish vs selfless action…

Supporting others makes him feel good so he seeks to support them more than he supports himself — yet in the same time that supporting others supports him

And ad infinitum as the Ouroboros continually eats it’s own tail

Nothing new in the reality of mankind — yet a first foot on the Moon in Nick’s “world”

And yet, there’s deeper levels to this

Hailstorm and blizzard-like downloads crashing into Nick’s awareness and expanding his lens…

None more so than his world-class ability and superpower to automatically and unconsciously discover the negative in situations

“They’re going to hate this work… It’s terrible… You’re terrible… why do you keep doing this to yourself… you’ve no idea what you’re doing… wait till you see all their negative feedback”

As per the above — his immediate response was that this act of selfishness was a “negative”, was hurting him and he was being used

Fucking bullshit…

…what a crock that is

And yet — herein lies the truth

We’ve all been conditioned this way — to imagine a future paved with negativity, stress and fear instead of one of abundance, love and joy…

…when in fact both have the same probability of being architected


And so, with a flip of the awareness switch (*and a metric fuckton and years of reps) we can begin to remove the “fear based” lens and see more through the “abundance based” lens when our attention wanes toward the “future”

After all — both take just as much energy and have the same likelihood of occurring (*the real truth is simply that the one you focus on [i.e. give energy to] is the one more likely to be attracted toward you, and you toward it)

Nick Maier




I write copy, create content + systems for some of the biggest brands, businesses and influencers inside the H&F + Personal Development Space. It’s fucking rad

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Nico Maier

Nico Maier

I write copy, create content + systems for some of the biggest brands, businesses and influencers inside the H&F + Personal Development Space. It’s fucking rad

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