Here’s a Truth (*one of many you’re currently unaware of) about time…

…it’s solely a measure of distance — that’s it

We cannot run out of it because we do not “have it”

We cannot find it because it doesn’t exist

It’s simply a variable that stands alongside distance to describe how far we’ve travelled (*i.e. distance)

When we break it down, we understand that EVERYTHING in life is in constant motion — this includes the Earth we live on

It’s a speck in the giant cosmos of space and reality

Just because we don’t feel the “twisting, turning and travelling” doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist…

…it does

And the concept of “time” we have right now is simply recording the distance the earth has travelled since the “beginning of time”

Why do we need to know this?

Well, it’s like all things — we want to understand it better and so we create some rules, a construct, a boundary, a guide in order to better understand it

Think about it…

…there’s levels to this

Rotations of the earth around the sun = how many days, months, weeks, minutes, seconds

Rotations of the moon’s cycles = months, weeks, days, minutes, seconds

The distance (*i.e. span) of our lives = rotations around the sun in decades, years, months, weeks, days, hours, seconds

Time can only exist when we’re measuring distance AND YET we’ve learned to associate it with a measurement of something else

Itzak Benthof discusses that our earth is simply on it’s own journey back to the depths of a black hole to be shot back out of a white hole and begin again (*it’s simple the the birth, death, rebirth cycle of the highest potential for our knowing — that is the death and rebirth cycle of our earth and the universe as we know it)

We created the notion of time to correctly measure the distance we’ve travelled so that we can have some notion of the potential distance we have left and how long it will take to travel that distance based on how far we’ve come

You don’t have time. You can’t make it. It’s not yours to lose. All this perspective does is create suffering for yourself as you’re fighting with reality

But “time” exists Nick… you can’t argue that! And that is somewhat true…

…time is “here” in our existence and reality — it simply doesn’t mean what we think it means AND the associations we have with it (*i.e. what we’ve learned and been conditioned to think it is) aren’t accurate

Who would you be if you unlearned this concept of time and stopped living your days and life based on it — but instead lived in on what is occurring right in front of you and for you

Nick Maier