Nico Maier

Nick loves his ego…

…after all — it’s supported him in making it this far through all the challenges, beauty and uncertainty of life

It’s a part of him that wants the best for him. It’s a part that wants him to succeed. It simply has a limited playbook from which to choose from

And truthfully, without the Ego, there would be no “now”

This love hasn’t always been present…

…nor will it always be the Truth

There’s a continual oscillation between gratitude and love for the ego and a maniacal anger that borders on the line of murderous (*that’s the human experience after all)

And there’s so much talk about “ego death” and “killing the ego”

In Truth, killing our ego a near impossible task (*and those who said they “have” are likely more under the grip of their ego than they could ever imagine)

Without ego there can be so Self to contrast it. To kill Ego would be to kill Self — and then what’s left is no-thing and no-one…

…name me one person who wants that?

See, it’s a tricky son of a bitch

It has many costumes, tells many stories and plays many different characters inside each day. And it IS a PART of us — simply one we may not love or be the best of friends with

And instead the goal should be to love and accept our Ego. To “track it”, collect data on it and learn it’s tricks so we can see when it is trying to control the ship and what we can do to right it

The Truth is that “killing ego” and “ego death” practices are a distraction from what matters most. It’s a lie you’re ego tells you to believe to keep you from doing what really “stops it” the most — quieting it down and “controlling” it

What if you were to focus there and go inside instead of looking externally or for a near-impossible, quick-fix to your problems?

Nick Maier

I write copy, create content + systems for some of the biggest brands, businesses and influencers inside the H&F + Personal Development Space. It’s fucking rad