Nico Maier

Salto mortale — a beautiful phrase from the beautiful Italians

It’s definition?

“To take a deadly jump”

It’s a phrase we’ve long forgotten in this go big, go home and only go if the success is worth the risk society

“Going” for the sake, joy and beauty of “going” isn’t sufficient anymore…

…and yet, in Truth, it’s the sole valid reason to “go”

Why have we shifted this understanding and association?

Because we’re mixing our words…

…what we understand today is not the same as what was taught & put into place at the beginning of time when things were “easier” (*i.e. simpler and less complex)

Essentially to take a deadly jump is to “act”. And this single word alone invokes a myriad of emotions, sensations, thoughts and potential outcomes in one mind

There’s an association and a specific definition for the individual person as to what “act” means and looks like

When it Truth — it’s a past participle of agere — and means to “set in motion, drive, or drive forward”

That’s it — to simply “move something” — anything… it’s an action, not an outcome, and yet we associate “act” with outcome

The same s true for “creation” (*a humans sole role in life — to be their own creator)…

…what does it means to create?

Many people perceives an artistic endeavour — paint, write, produce music, design — when it’s simply a past participle of creare “to make, bring forth, produce or cause”

You create every single day with the words you express. You bring forth those sounds from nowehere…

…and yet we have “creation” accompanied with these grandiose visions that seem impossible

Salto mortale — take the deadly jump in your life


It’s not “deadly” — you’ve just been told it is (*after all, deadly simply means “having the capacity to kill” — not that death is certain like you’ve been told)

Nick Maier