Nico Maier

Life has a way of spoiling us at times…

…and right now, Nick is spoilt — simply in a way one wouldn’t wish to be spoilt

Two of the people Nick loves most in his life are experiencing some form of cancer

There are many emotions, feelings, sensations and memories attached with this word for an abundance of people

And Nick is allowing himself to feel the full spectrum of what comes up for him as it arises

What he observes most is that NOTHING has changed externally. The sole change has been a shift to the internal story of everyone involved…

…there’s extra “data” that’s been accessed — more information is available t everyone— and so the meaning around it all changes

The external reality is the same. The internal story and perspective is different

And what’s most fascinating is:

  1. A few days ago — prior to the news — in a Shamanic Snuff Ceremony there was a deep message that “we wouldn’t present you with anything in life you couldn’t handle, Nick”

In the past Nick would have sought to be a Stoic. To stand tall, stand proud, and be a rock and support system for others. This invoked a numbing of feelings and sensations and the presentation of a stalwart figure who was “strong” (*i.e. showed no weak emotions)

This is what we’ve been taught masculinity is after all. And what a fucked up thing that is

As the truth is we are all — both masculine and feminine — and the more we neglect that truth and stay too tight to one than the other — the more suffering we create as we’re fighting with reality

Owning both the Divine Masculine & Divine Feminine in oneself is not only healthy — it’s one of the most beautiful gifts we can give others in life

There are tears (*oftentimes enough to fill the ocean). There’s bursts of anger and frustration. There’s a deep fear that comes and goes…

…but mostly, there’s awe. Awe for the beauty and shortness of this life’s experience and how great a job we’re doing to fucking it all up by focusing on things that don’t matter

That the decades spent “earning money” for “security” didn’t matter — the time spent with loved ones and the sunrises/sunsets, dancing, love and laughter mattered most

They say these experiences put things into perspective and you “see” what truly matters in life — like a Mac Truck hitting you in the face

What if it didn’t take that for you to “wake up” however… what if you could see right now that what you’ve been taught and conditioned to do and believe is somewhat of a “lie”

Would you take that opportunity? As it’s right there in the palm of your hand

Nick Maier

I write copy, create content + systems for some of the biggest brands, businesses and influencers inside the H&F + Personal Development Space. It’s fucking rad