Nico Maier

Take a moment to glance the way you “think” about things…

…if you’re like most humans, the matrix you make your decisions through is very similar, limited, and happens faster than you could ever comprehend

Firstly, our decisions often go through two funnels:

  • Is it right
  • Is it wrong

It’s neither. It cannot be right and it cannot be wrong as neither options exist in reality…

…they’re made up. They’re subjective. What’s “right” to one person is different to another and so forth — so the matrix is inaccurate and untrue

It’s not useful to us

And so we can go a level deeper and as:

  • Is it true?

Again — oftentimes we get stuck as it’s not. We believe it’s true because we’ve learned that it is or have been conditioned to think it is — when another person can believe the opposite and completely debunk our notion of “truth”

(*hint: if it’s True — it cannot be argued, interpreted or argued against — as it is simply “is”)

When we go one level deeper, and seek to use this as the main matrix for our future decisions, we can ask:

  • Is it useful

By asking this question we end up further down the line of

It creates context and a perspective to view this choice through the lens of the “whole” and what it is we desire as individuals…

…is this thought, choice or decision useful to moving me closer toward “x”?

Yes? Good, let’s go
No? Well, what would be more useful

Simple. We’re moving away from metrics and matrixes that do not matter and keep us stagnant focusing on lies and instead using something that adds value to our lives and allows us to continually grow, evolve and expand in the directions we choose

Right now — is the thought you’re having or thing you’re doing useful to you?

Nick Maier

I write copy, create content + systems for some of the biggest brands, businesses and influencers inside the H&F + Personal Development Space. It’s fucking rad