Nico Maier

What if you were to focus more on what doesn’t make sense to you and less time on the things that do make sense to you?

After all — anyone looking for confirmation (*see: confirmation bias) is surely to find it anywhere they look…

…and they’ll find enough of it to deceive themselves enough to thinking they know the truth (*and then convince their peers of the same)

And as such, the gap between what we do know and what we don’t know becomes dangerously wide — as we think we know more than we actually do

Ego rises. Seeing clearly decreases. And life will bring a Mac Truck your way to knock you back into place

Why? Because almost all things in life are truly uncertain and cannot be known…

…we’re simply telling ourselves the lie we do know based off our “observations” and “experiences” where n=1 (*and humanity has never known of a great “experiment” where n=1 has shown the truth)

Nick Maier