Bones & World-Class Copywriting: The Perfect Mix

I found myself in Rome in 2010. In the Roman Catacombs to be exact. It was an experience of a lifetime

I remember one part vividly. There was a group of skulls and bones. Child size. Next to them was a sign. It read…

We were once like you are. And you will soon be like we are

At first I didn’t quite understand it. Then it hit me. Fuck. I’m going to die one day. This is going to be me at some point in my future. Hopefully in 80 years, but who knows…

It was the first time I’d contemplated my death. I was 20. It was freeing…

If you tell me stories about mortality. If you tell me stories about Memento Mori. If you tell me stories about living life to the fullest — I’m yours

It’s in my DNA. Those topics make every cell in my body fire. It’s what I’m hooked to

They may not be your topics of choice however for stories to tell. Therefore, I’m not for you…

There are stories, themes and pillars that your ideal readers, listeners, audience and potential clients resonate with

Know these stories. Know how to communicate them magically. And you’ll have them hooked

Stories. They’ve stood the test of time. Dismiss them in your copywriting at our own peril

Journaling Prompt: what fictional stories do my ideal clients resonate with? What movies and books did they grow up with that they have an attachment to? What experiences are playing out in their own daily lives that I know about and can speak to? What stories are they telling themselves about themselves and about life I can speak to?

Nick Maier

I write copy, create content + systems for some of the biggest brands, businesses and influencers inside the H&F + Personal Development Space. It’s fucking rad