CASE STUDY — 50k from One Email

The coaches who make things complex are lying

The coaches who say there’s tons of cogs needed to move the machine don’t know what they’re talking about

This is so goddamn simple guys. You’re being lied to

But that’s for another time…

So, one email. 30 minutes to write. Another 30 to discuss, edit and get tightAF

We sent it

We wanted 10 coaches to take us up on it from a list of 60

The next morning — $50k in sales

3 coaches had accepted the invitation

I was amazed

The email wasn’t special. It was simple

The offer wasn’t remarkable or outstanding. It was accurate

The call to action wasn’t sexy. It was straightforward

Take a look…

“Hey Coach!

We have some very exciting news for you. It’s time for the NEXT LEVEL…

We’re running the first ever Level 2 Coaching Certification starting in June

What’s Level 2 about?

It’s all about celebrating wins and creating world-class presentation skills!

In Level 1 you learned the ropes of the language game.

You laid an incredibly solid foundation for yourself.

You know how to resolve your clients issues from the inside out.

You know how to set really powerful goals and keep focus.

It’s safe to say you’re a bit of a language Ninja. Yet, there’s more to the language game…

There’s a specific way you can identify and celebrate your clients’ wins. It further builds them up and supercharges their new and improved identities. And let’s be honest, your clients definitely have wins to celebrate after working with you

Knowing the exact system for doing this will support you in building your clientele base too. Badass!

Yet that’s just half of it…

The second part of Level 2 dives into presentation skills and commanding a group.

-You’ll learn how to build world class presentations and deliver them like a BOSS.

-You’ll learn the difference between amateurs and pros when it comes to preparation and delivery.

-You’ll learn about timing, cadence, and style

-You’ll learn how to exude confidence & comfort in front of groups of people (online or virtually), add a ton of value to their lives and build your clientele base

The Inaugural Level 2 certification is two months long, 8 weeks, and starts Wednesday June 24th at 6:00 pm EST.

The group is limited to 10 people and its first come, first serve. The Introductory Investment for Cert 2 is $1,497. We have payment options if needed.

To solidify your spot simply reply to this email with “I’m in for Cert 2”

Kind regards,

Why did this work so well? The audience was NAILED

We knew exactly who we were speaking to, what psychological stage they were in the buying process and what they’d LOVE next

And so, we spoke to that…

We spoke to Level 1 Coaches. We spoke to their desires. We knew they’d love to grow their own presentation skills to better communicate what they’d learned in Level 1

Super simple (note: these guys had been doing research, testing assumptions, for close to 2 years to this point…)

What can you learn and take away from this to implement for yourself?

Nick Maier