FREE Health & Fitness for EVERYONE: For Life. (*Yes, you read that right…)

Call it what you want, there are things in life that a fundamental human rights for every single one of us. Health & Fitness is one of those things

After close to 15 years in the health and fitness space, I’ve had enough. People, companies and business’ are rorting people of their hard earned money by charging for something that should be free; and making them pay an absurd amount for something that delivers little “true value”

Now, I’m NOT talking about REAL coaching here. The world-class kind that delivers life-changing value to a person where there’s individualised attention, individualised behavioural change and more

What I am referring to are the bottom feeding coaches, facilities & business’ out there that simply provide one, or more, of the following:

  1. 4 walls and some equipment in which to “move their body”
  2. Templated/Cookie Cutter Programming
  3. Nutrition Plans/Advice/Systems
  4. Community & Connection
  5. Zoom Calls and Group Calls

None of the above add “true value” to a human inside of the context that they should have to pay for them. Even if it is $30/mo or similar. The fact of this “low barrier” shows there’s no real value inside of it anyway…

What should be free to all humans when it comes to health and fitness?

  1. Structured Programming that is contextually individualised to the person AND is focused on developing HEALTH that see’s them having great quality of life into their 80’s + 90’s; AND meets them where they’re at and gives them the kind of movement they love to perform in the environment they love
  2. Access to world-class information and coaching around:
  • Nutrition
  • Psychology
  • Language
  • Recovery
  • Mobility
  • Sleep
  • Breathwork

3. Community & Connection with other like-minded humans in both a virtual and face-to-face capacity

4. Discounts to the kinds of accessories and brands that support their love of health and fitness in their life

What’s the solution? is

A daily text message that offers all of the above and more from World-Class Coaches with decades of experience

…and it’s all FREE. You’ll never pay a cent. Ever. Guaranteed

In fact, here’s everything the community receives for being a part of the movement

  1. A Daily Text with Free Programming + Coaching from World-Class Coaches that is a customised experience created by you. You get health and fitness that is:
  • Specific to your goals
  • Specific to your experience levels
  • Specific to where you want to move your body
  • Movement Patterns, Technique and Video Explanations

And as a bonus you’ll also get:

a. Nutrition Coaching & Content from Dietitians, Sports Dietitians & Naturopaths

b. Mindset Coaching & Content from Mental Performance Experts

c. Recovery Practices (*breathwork, ice baths, meditation) from Industry Leaders

d. Special Discounts from our Partners, including but not limited to:

  • Apparel
  • Supplements
  • Equipment

e. Community & Accountability

  • You’ll be assigned to the group of a personal Coach who you’ll be able to communicate with via text

f. Access to our Private Community App with:

  • Expert Workshops & Masterclasses
  • Weekly Specialised Content
  • Connection with Like-Minded Humans

g. Weekly Live Coaching & Education Sessions with World-Class Coaches, Experts and Partners encompassing all aspects of health and fitness

h. In Person Community Events & Training Sessions to connect with other humans on the freefitnesstext movement

i. Popup LIVE Sessions in secret locations led by world-class coaches and experts

j. VIP Podcasts and Educational Content from World-Class Coaches, Experts and Partners encompassing all aspects of health and fitness

k. Discounted Access to World-Class Coaches for Coaching that is a “successory” to the Free Fitness Text should you wish to receive additional specialised coaching

All delivered in the form of a FREE Daily Text Message and housed in our FREE Community. Yes, you’ll never pay a cent. Ever

Why? Because we believe optimal health and fitness is every single human beings right, and right now the majority of what is being given is on the level that should be free to them

What’s going to happen inside the industry?

1 of 3 things. This is the beautiful thing about disrupting this industry, it’s going to cause ALL BOATS TO RISE. Far too many people inside the “health and fitness” industry are charging for a service that should be free to all humans. What will happen is:

  1. Those coaches, trainers, programs and gyms who are simply offering “programming” and next to nothing, if not nothing else will be forced to up their game and deliver a service humans deserve OR be forced to close; saving their clients an abundance of money and releasing tons of financial stress from the gym owners lives. They’ll have no one to blame but themselves when this happens
  2. Those coaches, trainers, programs and gyms who are simply offering “programming” and next to nothing, or nothing else will evolve; meaning their clients begin receiving the better all-encompassing service they deserve
  3. Those coaches, trainers, programs and gyms who are delivering a premium all-encompassing service will stand out, people will go to them for coaching and they will receive a premium, world-class experience that is customised to them and takes their whole LIFE and HEALTH into account

The truth is humans shouldn’t have to pay for someone to simply tell them what to do to move their body, what to eat to nourish their body and soul or write down “do X reps at Y weight” — this kind of coaching and information for optimal health & longevity is so fucking simple; but we overcomplicate it as humans

What’s the endgame?

To create a movement so strong and so large that we can begin creating FREE HEALTH CENTRES for humans around the world. Yes, that’s correct. Think of your favourite gym but it’s FREE and provides a ton more value and holistic services than simply “a place to train, have fun and connect with humans”

How can this be created?

Full transparency — the roadmap will be built on partnerships with brands and companies who value this Vision, Truth + <Movement and an NFT project where all funding will go to the creation of these health centres and providing the coaches who operate them receiving what they’re worth

The core of this movement and its success is YOU, the community. We’re aiming to co-create this WITH YOU because it’s FOR YOU. The more people who join and join the movement, the more power we hold as a community and the more power we have to elicit the change we seek to disrupt the current H&F industry and make it better for all humans involved

This is the future. This is what humans deserve. Join the movement at and share it with your friends and family

Day 1 is dropping either December 1st, 2021 or January 1st, 2022 depending on how fast the community moves

Access to this level of coaching for your health and fitness is what you deserve. And the best news is whether you’re 11, 31 or 81; want to train in a gym, in nature or your house; have no equipment or all the equipment; want to lose weight, get stronger, run a 10k or hike mountains — our contextual programming adapts itself to you for that specific goal. All you’ve got to do is fill out the form and we give you what you need

Oh, and to reiterate. You’ll never a pay a cent — EVER — for as long as you live. It’s free because we made it that way as we believe Health & Fitness should be free for all humans

You’ll never have to input your payment details with us or login to anything. You’ll receive discounts from our Partners Business & Coaches; yet everything from them will be done external on their sites. Yes, that’s right. You never pay anything. $0.00 now and forever

Join the movement, find out more information about FAQ, see sample programming and more here >

And please, share this with everyone and anyone you believe it will add value to. That’s our only ask

Love you. Appreciate you
- The FFT Team




I write copy, create content + systems for some of the biggest brands, businesses and influencers inside the H&F + Personal Development Space. It’s fucking rad

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Nico Maier

Nico Maier

I write copy, create content + systems for some of the biggest brands, businesses and influencers inside the H&F + Personal Development Space. It’s fucking rad

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