Nico Maier

Get What You’re Worth (*a peek inside the True H&F Industry)

I’ve spent more than half my life inside the “health and fitness” industry. From the days of vying to be a professional baseball player from the age of 13 in 2003, to closing the doors to my youth facility on December 31st 2021 — I’ve seen a lot

Some of it good. The majority of it bad. There’s always been this taste in my mouth that the industry in and of itself is broken, apart from a minority of individuals, businesses and coaches who are “fighting the good fight”

Right now, I want to break it down for you in a way that is as clear as day and as simple as possible. We’re going to break everything down to the core and see what’s left (*hint: it won’t be much)

Let’s say you frequent a local facility that is similar to a CF Box or Boutique Studio. Essentially, when it’s broken down to the core, what you’re receiving from this is:

  • 4 walls

If it’s a 24hr globo type gym the truth is even less. You’re really only getting the 4 walls and equipment; you’ve got to bring the rest

And if it’s an “online coach”, well it’s generally only:

  • A cookie-cutter program + plan

And now, how much do you pay for these things?

A facility can be anywhere from $40-$90/week depending on the owner

A globo gym is typically $5–20/week

An online trainer/coach can be anywhere from $20–250/week depending on the person

Looking at the bare essentials above, is what they’re providing you truly worth that? Even if they through in some form of individualisation in a warm up, cool down or mobility standpoint, is it worth it?

Essentially, you COULD get it FREE from the net, couldn’t you? The information is out there, and it’s super easy to find. You could easily get some equipment on the cheap, grab a few friends and go HAM. Or better yet, use your body the way it’s designed and be healthier and fitter than ever before

But no, we choose to “pay” for the opinion of someone else who WE HAVE CHOSEN TO LABEL AS AN AUTHORITY. And the service they provide inside the health & fitness space is bare bones and nowhere near what you deserve

In fact, there’s a local “gym owner” in my local town. She “specialises” in coaching young women + women and charges $60/week for the following:

  • 6 x group sessions/wk

And as a quick cash-grab from COVID, she’s added this for a “limited time only”. For an extra $50 a week you can add:

  • An extra group session a week

So, for the measly total of $110/wk — you can get pretty much absolutely nothing except a place to move your body, some people to talk to, some activewear you don’t need and some pieces of paper telling you what a macro is and what supplements to use

Are you really getting what you deserve when it comes to what you’re spending on your health and fitness inside the industry?

Take a moment to think about it…

We believe you should get the very best in basic health & fitness coaching thats individualised to you for FREE. That’s a basic human right

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Why? That’s your God-Given human right. We’re out of the information age and into the integration age now ladies and gents.

Time for you to get what you’re worth. Join the movement —

I write copy, create content + systems for some of the biggest brands, businesses and influencers inside the H&F + Personal Development Space. It’s fucking rad