How To Think For Yourself (and apply it to your copy…)

I was introduced to it by my first ever coach. Robert Bly deepened my interest in it. Dan Kennedy mentored me to take it even further. Steve Plummer supported me to begin mastering it

Most people try to run before they can walk with copy. They major in the minors and believe it’s simply the frameworks, concepts, tips and tricks that matter

They believe that using them guarantee’s immediate success

The truth is that just like with life, you’ve got to experiment with copy. You’ve got to test. You’ve got to receive feedback and analyse

Tim Ferriss was the king of this…

Think for yourself. Test your assumptions. Know that all of your beliefs, thoughts, and opinions aren’t true — and learn to see the truth for yourself

Experience it for yourself instead of vicariously living someone else’s life. Instead of being a bystander in your own experience

One thing to test for yourself?



For your next copy project, after you’ve identified your 4 Universal Principles, test out this framework when it comes to your words

Begin with the problem and pain your readers are challenged by. Agitate it to create the tension. Create the emotion

Solve it. Position the product or service this way. Tell a story about the benefits. Prove it to us

Then, invite us to action

It’s simple. It’s powerful. It’s stood the test of time. It’s success depends on how greatly you test your assumptions on what will work inside the framework for you

Nick Maier

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