Nico Maier

It’s All Your Fault. And That’s A Relief

My first ever psilocybin experience was beautiful. Complete and total abundance, love and bliss…

Mid 2019, Imperial Beach; SD w/ the beautiful @danny__rios and @kimberly.kesting

There was one specific moment that has stuck with me ever since

Lying on my mattress on the floor. Gordo the dog by my side. Music filling my entire awareness and the notes dancing on the roof above

I closed my eyes and @mike_bledsoe and @markengland2057 appeared before me. They sat across a table from my awareness

They were laughing like high-school girls. And if you know Mike’s laugh — it was fucking hilarious

Between bouts of laughter they were whispering between themselves. Shooting me the odd look before going back to their whispering

Mark looked at me and smiled a cheeky smile out the left side of his mouth

“Nick. We create all of this”…

Then Mike chimed in: “WE created ALL of this. Nothing existed before we thought of it and created it”…

My awareness processed the information. What the fuck were they on about? Grasping at straws, no thing was found

I sat with this for the next 2 weeks as I drove from SD to Seattle. Consciously dissolving it

In a quaint cafe on the river in Portland, my trusty journal and pen in hand, BAM! It struck me

What starts as a thought can quickly become reality with the right intent, action and process. We are the creators of our own reality — we choose the label to place on it to create meaning and understanding

It rarely goes the way we want or plan it to, but it always works out. When we allow ourselves to step into the role of the creator with courage, trust, acceptance and surrender — magik insues

After 18 months of integration I killed The Youth Academy to actively pursue what this heart has wanted to for close to 2 decades. I ran away from it on multiple occasions as I was too scared of “what may be” on the negative side of the spectrum. That’s bullshit though — as there is no “negative” side — there only “is”…

…and with us being the sole creators, we get to create what “is” for ourselves

I write copy, create content + systems for some of the biggest brands, businesses and influencers inside the H&F + Personal Development Space. It’s fucking rad