It’s So Funny It’s Not Funny. Gym Owners ACTUALLY Do This

This is an over-simplification where “x” is a number a lot higher than you imagine (*like MUCH HIGHER) but is not attributable to all “gym/facility owners” out there

This is an anecdotal story from close to 20 years inside the health and fitness industry (*beginning at age 13 as an elite baseballer and all the way through working with some of the best coaches in the world and owning my own youth facility for 4 years before closing its doors)

I had a mantra and belief inside my business. 51/49 in everything. 51 to the coaches, clients and business, 49 to the owner. In a sense — the biz, clients and coaches ALWAYS come first and get more value. You could argue this is why I eventually closed the doors, but timing, choices and things outside my control saw that happen

The Truth inside this industry is that 9/10 coaches and gym owners do not have your best interest at heart. There, I said it. It comes down to simple human conditioning and behaviour where we value ourselves first and others second

At the end of the day the only thing you can expect with certainty from another human is they will be selfish

I can say with certainty that I have met a lot of coaches and gym owners who valued themselves and their own bank account more than they did their clients. They could lie, but all they wanted to do was the least amount possible to take home enough at the end of the day to live comfortably, if not more

There’s two real world examples here that are very close to home

The first was something expressed by a gym owner at a “team meeting”. For context, this gym owner wants to be the best facility in their state and are currently buying land to build 2 NEW GYMS

A coach voiced their thoughts when asked “how can we be better for our clients”. They expressed that they should have 2 coaches on the floor during sessions as client numbers often exceed the 25 person mark

The response was laughter and the expression that “this is a business, we can do that but we’d halve your payment in the process. Would you like that?

Instead of doing the viable thing and adding an extra coach, paying them what they’re worth and delivering better value to their family, it was met with that response. That ladies and gents is the Truth 90% of the time and the reality of this industry

“But I’ve got to put food on the table for my family, Nico!”. Oh, I know, but the fact you think this is the way to do it is proof that your shit is broken and the state of the industry is broken too

“But I can’t raise prices! People wouldn’t pay it. The competition is too tough!”. Exactly, so create a category of 1. Be so good and deliver so much value that your services and gym far outperform everyone else around and you’re the place to be at because the value is so good (*not in how cheap, but in how much value you truly provide. If you can’t think of how to add more value to your services without increasing your expenses at the same time, learn business)

The second example is a local facility. They’re money hungry, but they won’t admit it. They grew their gym to ~200 members which was fantastic! They were doing a great job…

…then they cut the core number of sessions they were doing each day which meant classes were bigger and no more coaches were added

…then they added a “mums and bubs” class 4 days a week, adding another 100+ clients in place of the core sessions they cut

…then they added a “new program and multiple sessions a week”, cut away space + equipment from the other sessions and added an extra 150 clients

So now we’ve got close to 500 people in the same space that 150 used to struggle to fit into

Where has the extra revenue gone? Into a few new cardio pieces, a sauna (*which you’ve got to pay for), extensions and renovations in their own home and another facility where they can do exactly the same thing

Not one single cent was spent to better their clients experience for the sole benefit of the client

It’s still cookie-cutter programming. It’s still “rep counting” for coaching w/ limited to no scaling for anyone. It’s still “come, jump in and train” w/ no onboarding or assessments done prior to your first session. It’s still “pay for supplements, apparel, christmas parties and more” on top

Where is your money going apart from the privilege to use some equipment, 4 walls to do it in and some writing on a whiteboard for what to do today that has no structure or long-term views at heart?

Show me. You can’t find it.

I digress as this is not a rant or shot at these specific owners, nor is it an insight into EVERY gym owner, coach or facility. It is, however, a glimpse into the true nature of the majority of those places within this space

If you REALLY want a place to train where you’re valued and receive the value you deserve, hit me up and I’ll put you in touch depending on where you’re located

As an insight; the likes of Oak Park, DEUCE, Vigor Ground and PEAK Strength & Nutrition are good places to start

And if you want better than you’re getting AND MORE for FREE, join the movement —




I write copy, create content + systems for some of the biggest brands, businesses and influencers inside the H&F + Personal Development Space. It’s fucking rad

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Nico Maier

Nico Maier

I write copy, create content + systems for some of the biggest brands, businesses and influencers inside the H&F + Personal Development Space. It’s fucking rad

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