Our 6-Figure Sales Script. Steal it with Pride

Question of the day today is all about the sales process of our marketing campaigns and the role that copywriting plays inside of that…

Why? Remember, copywriting is simply communication. We have this attachment and this association with copywriting simply being the written word, however the principles behind the written word are also the principles of the verbal word that we utilise

So what I wanted to touch on today is the six figure sales process that we use for sales for any audience on any platform for any project. And what I love about this for gate sales conversation is that it allows for some of the smoothest fastest and easiest sales that we have ever experienced and also that our students, graduates and clients experience

The reason? There is a psychological framework and a psychological flow that this conversation goes through, and instead of selling the person that is on the other side of the phone or on the other side of the copy. They will start selling them selves, because we are inviting them to an opportunity this isn’t about forcing so much information down their throat

This is about having a conversation with them to discover what are their pains and problems where do they want to go. Are they a good fit for us, can we actually support them. And then at the end we invite them to work with us or we invite them into the program or we invite them to purchase the product it’s all about an invitation

Just like copywriting is dead, selling is dead. Invite instead

So when we look at these four gate sales conversation the first gate is all about getting to know the person that you are speaking with, it’s figuring out their biggest pains, their biggest problems, it’s figuring out their biggest emotional hot buttons which is where we continually ask questions and ask why to go three or five or seven wires deep because when they express an answer

If you ask why to that answer, then they’re going to go to a deeper level, so they might say oh I’m doing this for my kids or how old are your kids, what are their names, where do they go to school like what is it about them that you want to support them with and that will take you to a deeper, deeper, deeper level, which is going to increase that arousal and as we know when it comes to emotion arousal is what we are after I will also identify the hot buttons, the emotional buttons that we can come back to and push later to remind the person that we are expressing here’s how much it means to you

So pen and paper handy. Whenever you are doing this and write down the biggest pains, their biggest problems their challenges and what their emotional hot buttons are.

So after we’ve moved them through that first gate. We go into the second gate, we reframe it now and instead of looking at pain. We go to pleasure. So, where do you want to be short term six months 12 months being unreasonable no chance of failure best case scenario complete and total moonshot.

What is life look like for you what is business look like for you What are you hoping to achieve. Do you want to bring people in, so that you have more freedom and more time to do the stuff to focus on the love. Do you want to increase revenue so that you have more freedom to spend with family.

What does the ideal outcome of us working together in six or 12 months look like for yourself. And again, writing it down, identifying those emotional buttons

And then the third gate is what’s the gap. And this is where we ask a question it’s very, very specific.

How much is it going to continue to cost you in time, in energy, and in money for you to continue experiencing. Everything that you are currently experiencing…?

With this question they’re going to begin to see from that where the attention goes. Is that why I’m not willing to to live this way any longer because of, here’s the here’s the pain, here’s the problem here’s where you want to get to. And here’s all these emotional hot buttons of why you want to make those changes how much willing or How much longer are you willing to sit with that. How much longer are you willing to experience that man if I could get out of it today than I would.

And once we identified that, then we invite them to the opportunity, but we asked them why do you. Why do you believe that this is a good fit. What do you want to get out of it what do you see yourself getting out of it, because then they are beginning to sell themselves, or the reason that I want to do it is because of this. I’ve heard this would be at the cost and I know that it’s going to give that to me. And that’s where we can then reiterate that and back them up and be like 100%. That’s exactly what’s gonna happen that’s what’s going to happen. We’re going to add this into it. Here is the investment, we have this option or this option, which of those works best for yourself.

Pain and problem is one. Pleasure, and where they want to get to is get to the gap is gate three AND gate four is all about the in visitation.

Simple, head on over to copywriting university.org in the free training section you will see the actual script that we utilise in this six figure sales script for yourself.

You can use it, you can model it. You can make it uniquely your own.

Have fun with it.

It’s interesting. I never used to enjoy sales the thought of it would make me want to vomit. And there’s this new association with that now, because it’s not selling, it’s a conversation. And then it’s an invitation

It’s all it’s shifting that perspective has shifted everything because I don’t picture what I used to picture. And now I picture ease and flow and grace and happiness and being able to support someone with my unique skill to make their life better

Remember, go to www.copywritinguniversity.org, grab the free training grab the script steal it with pride use it in your own life

With love and gratitude,
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