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It was early 2016. My new best mate Marco and I had just begun our coaching business, PEAK Strength & Nutrition. We hadn’t even finished our “mandatory certifications” yet; because fuck it…

I’d heard Mike Bledsoe & Doug Larsen talked about a book on a Barbell Shrugged Podcast that helped them with their business thinking it’d help us two idiots out. After all, we had no idea what we were doing; we hadn’t run a business of our own before

I was 26. Marco was 31. We were young at heart and wildly ambitious

Anyway, this book fundamentally changed my life, the way I view business and created the foundation to build a Mid 6-Figure Business inside 6 months

I remember sprinting into the gym’s office like I was Usain Bolt in a 100m Olympics Final. Usain wanted Gold, I’d just found it in this book!

Marco sat there with a bewildered look on his face I was drew my masterpiece on the whiteboard on the wall, all the while flapping this book in his face where almost every page was dog-eared

Marco slowly began to see the method to my madness, and in an instant he saw the Gold I also saw

See, we weren’t “entrepreneurs”, “business men” or even “managers”. We were “technicians”, as Michael Gerber puts it in his book “The E Myth”. More specifically we were coaches who loved coaching, and we were royally fucked

If you’re like most coaches, you quickly find you’re really in a “business” and there’s an abundance of things that need to be done inside the business that aren’t coaching. Yes, the coaching matters and forms an integral part of the business; but it’s really only a portion of the delivery/fulfilment and marketing side of the business

And very quickly you find out you’re in over your head and trying not to drown in the sea of 90% of businesses that die inside the first 12 months

How the fuck do you market?
How do you sell without being a “sleaze” or feeling unethical?
How can you provide an experience so good you’re THE COACH/GYM people flock to?
How do you create offers so good that people would be stupid to say no to them?
What about financial systems? How do I set things up to pay myself each month?
How can I manage my clients and ensure they’re all happy?

I quickly decided to become an “entrepreneur”; and I am grateful for that opportunity as it’s been more rewarding than my desire to be a coach. This is what I truly wanted when I set out on my journey

Regardless of if you’re a coaching just starting out who has their own business, works in a gym, owns a gym or wants to own their own gym AND if you’re brand new, have a few years under your belt or are an experienced old head — your systems matter and can be improved

You can save yourself thousands of hours of boring, menial work and create the structure and space to receive hundreds of thousands of dollars — both online and offline

But where do you begin? By keeping it simple (*simple is sophisticated)

Business can be broken down into 5 main pillars:

  1. Marketing: attract new prospects
  2. Sales: turn those prospects into long-term and high-paying clients
  3. Delivery/Fulfilment: overdeliver on a world-class experience
  4. Financial: keep the lights on, food on the table and create freedom
  5. Miscellaneous: hiring, firing, time management, legal, etc

This is how you continue to do what you love without having to do all the work yourself or spend hours trying to teach staff and employees on what to do

But Nico, business is so much more complex than that!”, you say…

No, it’s not. It can be, but it’s not

The complexity lies in breaking each of these pillars down and how you execute inside of them. For example:

  1. Marketing: FB Ads? YT Videos? Podcasts? Symbiotic Relationships? Launching? Cross Promotion?
  2. Sales: Online? Offline? Phone? Face-to-Face? Guarantees? Up-sells? Down-sells? Bonuses? Onboarding?
  3. Delivery/Fulfilment: Welcome Packs? Monthly Events? Birthday & Anniversary Gifts? Community Building? Programming?
  4. Financial: What do I charge? Offer Structure? Business Structure? Profit & Loss? Client Management? Sales? Specials? Tax/GST?

It’s no wonder it often becomes overwhelming (*hint: that’s just fear, not overwhelm)

Yet even inside of this context, where do you start? You look for what Paul Chek calls “the pain teacher”

What aspects of your business are sucking the most time & energy from you or causing you the greatest stress and tension?

If your marketing sucks and you spend hours writing posts and shooting videos that get zero attention or traction; it’s likely you need a more accurate representation of your ideal client so that you’re messaging can be irresistible to them…

…or it could be that you’re showing up on the wrong platforms instead of leveraging people who already have your ideal audience in one spot

If people are saying no to you in sales conversations; it’s likely your offer is very “vanilla” and too similar to everybody else’s that it’s not remarkable and exists as a commodity instead of creating a new “category of one”…

…or it could be that your sales system downright sucks and it’s not focused on active listening and driving emotion in the sales to generate action from the person (*or you don’t even have a sales system and simply spit out why they should join your business because of all these cool features)

Is your churn rate super high? It’s likely your client experience. Do you need better programming? No. Nobody really cares about that. You need to form better relationships with people (*hint: the best thing I did was schedule a coffee with every member once a quarter AND gift them a small gift on their birthday and their anniversary with us — to the sum of 1 week of their fee; so $55–97)

You get the picture. Look for where improvement is needed and your biggest time-suckers are and that’s where your attention is needed for systems

If you’d love some help, here’s 3 options:

a. Do nothing

b. Write them all down and email them to and I’ll personally look over them for you and provide insight on what to do next so you’re bettering your biz

c. Click Here to schedule 1 of 5 Complimentary Strategy Calls (*select “Complimentary Strategy Call” in the form) and we’ll jump on Zoom or Google Meets to go over your systems in real-time and have you bettering them that very day. My treat :-)

And if you’d love to hear how I built The Youth Academy to be a Mid 6-Figure Business inside 12 months, listen to my episode on Barbell Shrugged with Mike Bledsoe HERE

Love you. Appreciate you

I write copy, create content + systems for some of the biggest brands, businesses and influencers inside the H&F + Personal Development Space. It’s fucking rad